Custom Statues

If You can Dream it, we can Make it Happen... Yes, we make custom !

Our experienced team of designers can help you achieve your vision, whether you need a 16 in. pizza pie or 20 ft. horse. Custom sports figures, props, murals restaurant signs and statues are just some of the projects we have created for clients from Miami to Malibu. Custom doesn't always mean expensive, we can utilize a variety of materials and methods to suit most every budget.

We can assist you with your concept, help improve existing designs and deliver the entire process for mass production of a unique ' Custom product '. We represent a team of professional ' Designers ' and are ' the Team ' that will provide the solution from inception to delivery.

Our team is capable of making 'Monumental items as well as smaller products, from one to thousands, to fill your campaigns needs' Some of our clients include Disney, Polo Ralph Lauren , Marc Jacobs International, Bergdorf Goodman, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and others.

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