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Bronze Mermaid

Only $899


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We e are direct importer of bronze statue and fountain. We sell art and antiques on Long Island. Our store is localized  in Southampton on Long Island in New York.   bronze, sculptures, statues, bronzes, fountain, bronze horses, mermaid, statue, children statue, horse statues, cow statues, cow statue, fiberglass statues, life size sculptures, art sculptures, slot machines, wood sculptures, cigar store Indians, long island antiques, bronze animals, bronze turtle, bronze kids, other bronzes.

30 % of for :, bronze horses, cow statues,  bronze statue, sculpture, fountain, betty boop, cow statues,  cow parade.     Bronzes and fiberglass Sculptures with a focus on the Horses, animals , children’s, fountains, cigar store Indian, antiques furniture.       bronze, sculptures, statues, bronzes, fountains, horses, mermaid, statue, children, horse, sculptor, artist, life size statue, life size sculptures, arts, art sculptures, collector's, wood sculptures, cigar store Indians, boop, Santa clause, bronze horse, bronze horses, bronze animals, bronze children, bronze sculpture, bronze sculptures, bronze fountain, bronze fountains, bronze mermaid, bronze fish, bronze dolphin’s, bronze alligator, fiberglass statue, cow parade, caw, calf, fiberglass cow, horse, horse statue, bar, hand chair, stool, cabinet, antiques, zebra statue, zebra